D20 Line


RIBO’s D20 line industrial vacuum cleaners combine reliability, sturdiness, durability and excellent performance with extremely small dimensions.

The D20 line includes high performant industrial vacuum cleaners characterised by a sturdy steel construction as well as long-life single-phase motors with independent cooling system, that make them particularly reliable.

The vacuum cleaners of this line are available in painted steel or stainless steel.


The vacuum cleaners of the D20 line are available in the following versions:

  • D20S: ideal for cleaning carpets, floors, etc. in hotels, homes and offices (with silenced head)
  • D20K: for suctioning production scraps from workbenches and cleaning industrial environments in small spaces such as rooms, offices and warehouses
  • D20K/SOF: it can be used as suction as well as blowing unit for cleaning gas boilers, pellet and wood boilers (compact version for industrial workplaces or intensive use)
  • D20K/FAS: For suctioning micro-dust and micro-particulates in confined spaces with an absolute ULPA filter cartridge – versatile, compact in its silenced version, for carpet, floor and general cleaning
  • D20K/FAS/INOX: stainless steel vacuum cleaner ideal for clean rooms, food and pharmaceuticals industries – extraction of very fine dusts
  • D20K/FAC: for suctioning dust that requires a highly efficient filter system, even when extracting small quantities, with automatic filter cleaning and FAC filter cleaning system with compressed air
  • D20K/AER: for cleaning boats and aircraft with 110V and 400HZ power supply kit and absolute filter with 99.99% efficiency for toxic dust with particle size up to 0.3∝ (toner, asbestos, etc.)
  • D20T:space-saving version for suctioning high-temperature materials, even incandescent materials – for cleaning ovens, wood boilers and chimneys
  • D20AC: for fixed centralised systems, with fixed filter chamber and wall bracket