ATEX Directive: what it is and why to buy a certified industrial vacuum cleaner

ATEX Directive: what it is and why to buy a certified industrial vacuum cleaner
24 February 2021 Ribo Evolution

What is the ATEX directive?

ATEX is the acronym for ATmosphères and EXplosives, from the French “explosive atmosphere“. The atmosphere is defined explosive when there is a certain concentration of flammable gases or vapors or combustible dust in the environment. ATEX includes two specific directives which regulate this type of potentially dangerous atmospheres in the European Union. The first standard, 2014/34/EU, defines the essential safety requirements for machinery that are present in areas at risk of explosion, while the second, 99/92/CE, defines the minimum requirements for the health and safety of operators who work in these areas..

ATEX zones are divided into three categories according to the IEC Zone System:

  • Zone 0 (for gas) or zone 20 (for dust): area in which an explosive atmosphere is often present;
  • Zone 1 (for gas) or zone 21 (for dust): area in which it is possible that the conditions for an explosive atmosphere are created;
  • Zone 2 (for gas) o zone 22 (for dust): area in which the creation of an explosive atmosphere is unlikely.

Each zone corresponds to product categories, divided according to the level of protection:

  • Category 1: very high protection level for zone 0;
  • Category 2: high protection level for zone 1;
  • Categoria 3: livello di protezione normale per la zona 2.


Make your work environment safe with RIBO ATEX vacuum cleaners!

RIBO industrial vacuum cleaners comply with directive 2014/34/EU. In particular, our vacuum cleaners are suitable for use in zones 1 – 21 or 2 – 22, therefore they are respectively part of category 2 and 3. When we produce an ATEX certified vacuum cleaner, we use only the highest quality materials, not only for the electrical components, but also for all the other materials that constitute the vacuum cleaner. For this reason, we only use materials designed to best meet the ATEX directive: for example, in the ATEX configuration we choose a special antistatic paint and conductive wheels, which avoid any ignition due to electrostatic charges.

In addition to the ATEX 21 or 22 triphase vacuum cleaners, our COMPAIR line is ideal for use in ATEX areas. In fact, the functioning of these vacuum cleaners is based on the Venturi system, which uses compressed air instead of power supply. By eliminating the main risk of ignition, that is to say electricity, COMPAIR is configured as particularly suitable for use in ATEX environments.

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