Workplace safety: the RIBO solutions

Workplace safety: the RIBO solutions
24 February 2021 Ribo Evolution

When we talk about workplace safety, we mean a wide range of rules, decrees and laws that establish the right of every worker to be informed about the risks of their job and the right to work in an environment with the least possible risk to their health. For example, the ATEX regulation includes two directives that define guidelines on health and safety in explosive atmospheres. In many production sectors, however, the operator can be exposed to many dangers: let’s see some of them together.


In the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, operators have to deal with powders and dangerous substances on a daily basis. These can be in solid, liquid or gaseous state and can seriously harm people’s health. They are called dangerous because the operator can inhale them or come into contact with them unknowingly and therefore cause significant damage.

When operators work closely with these substances, it is essential that everyone’s workplace is kept clean. By doing so, the risks associated with these toxic substances are reduced.

This is where RIBO solutions come into play: in fact, they are specially designed to minimize the dangers arising from these substances. RIBO in fact has high efficiency filtering systems, thanks to which it is possible to monitor and improve the air quality in the workplace. For example, our ULPA filters, an acronym for Ultra Low Particulate Air (filter), are absolute filters capable of absorbing 99.99% of harmful particles present in the workplace.


Another risk present in many companies occurs in working in close contact with flammable or incandescent materials. The storage, use and disposal of these substances can expose the worker to risks to his health. For this, special safety procedures are required to provide guidance for handling these materials.

RIBO offers a range of accessories designed specifically for this type of harmful substances. Among these, we have flame retardant filters, equipped with a fireproof fabric capable of retarding the spread of flame, and accessories for the aspiration of material at high temperatures, which prevent the operator from coming into direct contact with it.

Furthermore, upon customer request, we can customize our vacuum cleaners with a special antistatic and conductive paint, which eliminates the possibility of ignition due to electrostatic charges.


The ISO 11228 standard, which concerns the movement of heavy material, is clear: a male operator cannot lift more than 25 kilograms of material, while for a female operator the limit is 15 kilograms. For this reason, it is necessary for industries to automate processes, in order to speed up production rhythms and, above all, in order not to expose the operator to risks to their own physical health.

RIBO also has pneumatic transport systems, which allow the operator to move large quantities of material from one point to another in a completely automatic and safe way. In addition, to facilitate the emptying of the vacuum cleaner, the RIBO lifting kit is equipped with cylindrical lateral reinforcements for the collection containers for lifting.

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