5 tips to keep your industrial vacuum cleaner healthy

5 tips to keep your industrial vacuum cleaner healthy
24 February 2021 Ribo Evolution

RIBO industrial vacuum cleaners are characterized by a very long technical life. To keep your industrial vacuum cleaner efficient and safe over time, it must be periodically subjected to maintenance operations. Indicatively, these operations should be carried out once or twice a year: the time interval varies greatly depending on the type of vacuum cleaner, its optional accessories and the amount of work to which it is subjected. In this article, we reveal 5 strategic moves to significantly extend the life of your vacuum cleaner and increase its efficiency.

  1. Constantly monitor the performance of your vacuum cleaner
    The first warning light for any problem is the drop in performance. By constantly monitoring the performance of your vacuum cleaner, you will be able to immediately understand if there is a problem and therefore to intervene promptly to solve it.
  2. Keep your vacuum cleaner clean
    During your work shifts, your vacuum cleaner comes into contact with many materials: oils, shavings, processing waste. To prevent these from damaging your machine in the long run, by depositing and stratifying, it is good to carefully clean the vacuum cleaner on a regular basis.
  3. Systematically check the integrity of the filter
    This operation is essential not only to improve the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner, but also to prevent any loss of material from jeopardizing the health of your work environments. In fact, in areas where a very high level of safety and hygiene is required, it is advisable to carry out this simple operation frequently, to ensure perfect operation of the machinery.
  4. Check the state of wear of the most used accessories
    Suction hose, gaskets, wheels and power cable are among the accessories most subject to wear. In order not to damage your industrial vacuum cleaner, frequently check their integrity and, if you notice signs of deterioration, replace them. Make sure that the new accessories are suitable for the desired application and compatible with your machine, to avoid the risk of possible problems due to incompatibility.
  5. To each aspirator its application
    Never use your industrial vacuum cleaner for an application other than that for which it was designed! This would only lead to damage the machine and consequently damage your company’s production.

By following these simple precautions, your RIBO vacuum cleaner will have a long technical life, maintaining high standards of efficiency and maximizing the production capacity of your company.

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