Pneumatic conveyor

RIBO designs and manufactures mobile and fixed systems and installations for the pneumatic vacuum conveying of powders, granules and solid materials, which allow material handling operations to be minimised, resulting in improved Health and Safety conditions in the workplace.

All RIBO industrial vacuum cleaners can be configured as fixed and/or mobile suction units for vacuum pneumatic conveying systems, while maintaining the specific possibilities of use. Vacuum pneumatic conveyors allow rapid handling of all types of loose material for an efficient loading onto automatic machines and collection systems/recipients, with extremely limited maintenance/cleaning of the system, small overall dimensions, low time and costs.

They can be installed on packaging machines, weighing machines, dosing machines, mixers, compressors, encapsulating machines, injection presses, extruders, big bags, octabins, silos, hoppers, etc.


RIBO pneumatic conveyors are particularly suitable for handling:

  • plastic granules and pellets of all types: PVC, polyethylene and polymers in general;
  • Pills, capsules, tablets, powders and granulates in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry;
  • Flour, sugar, cocoa, powdered milk, rice, spices, candies and pastilles in the food and confectionery industry;
  • Coffee beans and powder in roasting plants;
  • small products such as caps, capsules, spheres, caps etc. in a variety of production facilities

RIBO pneumatic conveyors can be equipped with filter systems and discharge devices specifically tailored to requested application. They are characterised by:

  • various capacities, for small or large quantities of materials: from a few kilograms to several quintals/hour;
  • diversified multi-stage filtration systems with manual or automatic cleaning system;
  • control panel with interface for external signals and work cycle adjustments;
  • fixing systems or customised handling trolleys.

The frame of the suction unit, the filtering system configuration and the container capacity can be configured according to the specific characteristics of the product to be treated, guaranteeing reduced overall dimensions, practicality of use and working efficiency (up to 4000 kg/h).

They can be supplied in steel as well as stainless steel, with dimensions, loading capacity and filtering systems that can be fully configured according to the characteristics of the product to be treated and the relative work cycle.